Are There Still Mobsters in New Jersey? – Tracing Real Mobsters in the Garden State

The Garden State, often portrayed in popular culture as a hub for organized crime, continues to grapple with the presence of Mafia figures. Despite the evolution of criminal activities and the rise of various other gangs, the influence of traditional mob families persists. The DeCavalcante family, known for their significant role in shaping the underworld, … Read more

Don Lemon Net Worth 2024: Behind the Screens

Net Worth Don Lemon life

In the ever-evolving world of broadcast journalism, few names resonate as profoundly as Don Lemon. As a face that has graced our screens for years, his adept blend of professional acumen and personal charisma has firmly placed him in the echelons of media royalty. This, naturally, has piqued interest not just in his journalistic pursuits, … Read more

What is a Capo in Mafia: Exploring the Underworld

Capo Meaning in Mafia

In the vast network of organized crime, it is vital to understand the role and significance of each position. The term “Mafia” often evokes images of powerful godfathers and underworld dealings. There’s more nuance to the structure than meets the eye. One key position within this structure is that of the “Capo.” Here’s an in-depth … Read more